Learn website-based content and graphic creation from the experts

Get creative with your website designs with content marketing course

Having a website makes it exceptionally simple for your customers to find you, learn more about your organization, find what you do, and more. This interest ignites only if you have attractive content and graphics to keep the audience hooked. Choose website-based graphic creation and content writing course in Kolkata for - 

  • Wide career opportunities
  • Endless job vacancies
  • In-depth training
  • Practical and theory classes
  • High demand for trained professionals

What you'll learn

  • Content creation
  • Difference between on-page and off-page optimization
  • Content Networking & Distribution
  • Tools of graphic designing platforms
  • Colour theory and colour wheel

What you'll learn

  • Types of content
  • Keyword research based on search volume
  • Graphic designing platforms
  • Steps of graphic designing
  • Different types of graphics

Our course modules

Our modules brief you on the ways of content and graphic creation to help you score better

Our facilities

We strive to offer you with facilities that will enhance your experience and help you learn better

Opportunity to work on live projects

Agency certification

Detailed doubt clearing sessions

Intensive practical classes

Modules designed by experts

Internship/ employment

Advanced training methodology

Interactive classes

Mock tests

Take your career ahead

Our certifications add value to your career helping you secure the best employment.

Add value to your resume and career

To promote a website it is important to have quality content and graphics as per the guidelines of the search engine. Websites require a different style of content and graphic and hence needs special training to master the art. Our courses are designed to help you learn website-based content and graphic creation in detail so that you can secure quality employment on the basis of your skill and knowledge. Besides, our certificate also adds value and credibility to your knowledge and skills helping you develop as credible employees for the leading companies in this industry.

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